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Butler, Roy ; Elliott, Jacobi B; Stolee, Paul ; Van Wyk, Paula Marguerite  University of Waterloo (Ontario)   Canadian Institutes of Health Research Project Grant  Why aren't we engaging our most at-risk older patients? Developing an in-depth understanding of patient/family engagement across care transitions

van Wyk, Margaret  Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto)   Canadian Institutes of Health Research Undergraduate: Summer Studentship Award – Institute Community Support  iCanCope with Pain: An Integrated Smartphone and Web Self-management Program for Adolescents and Young Adults with Chronic Pain

Van Wyk, Paula Marguerite  Toronto Rehabilitation Institute-UHN   Canadian Institutes of Health Research Travel Awards - Institute Community Support  Mixed methods may lead to duplication, overexertion, and burden rather than complimentary data: a methodological conundrum when learning about the changes in older adults with a cognitive impairment following a hip fracture.


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